General Trading & Supplies

Our trading division is the apt solution to your Company’s complete purchase requirements. We are committed to being the One-Stop Channel, to simplify the procurement procedure and its hassles. Irrespective of the commodity, its size, quantity and category, you order and we deliver.

Our Major Products are :

  • HVAC, Air Conditioners and all HVAC/AC spares and parts
  • Electrical products including wires, heavy duty lights , cables , LED lamps , motors compressors and other equipment.
  • Industrial Machinery, automation units , electrical units , CNC machines, turbines, boilers conveyors and assembly units, digital panels and displays etc.
  • All types of furniture and Interior décor materials.
  • Raw Material requirements for industries such as Pipes ( PVC ,GI etc. ), Metals , Nuts, bolts, flanges, couplings , washers , Ducts , Duct Tapes and all such products.
  • We also undertake Facility Management contracts and Supplies including maintenance and renovation contracts.